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Hermon: Hazori to Hula

Golan: Devora &  Gilbon

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Galilee: Nahal Kziv

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Galilee: Nahal Rosh Pina

Galilee: Ramat Adamit

Coast: Dor to Caesarea

Judean Hills: Ela Valley

Judean Desert: Masada

Judean Desert: Peres

Negev: Mount Zaror

Negev: Hatira Coxcomb

Negev: Ramon Ridge

Negev: Hatzra Ascent

Negev: Nekarot Hike

Negev: Ada Canyon

Arava: Barak Canyon

Arava: Maok & Nekarot

Eilat: Israel Trail Finale

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Wildest Portion of Israel Trail Marked

The newly published edition (2005) of the Central Arava and Eastern Negev Highlands Trail Map includes a newly marked portion of the Israel Trail - probably the wildest and most beautiful portion of the 940-kilometer-long trail.

This latest segment of the trail starts at the Ammonite Wall, just south of the Ramon Crater, climbs up "Reptiles Gulch" on the Ramon Tooth, and then crosses Route 40 (Mitzpe Ramon-Eilat).
Once across the road, the path continues to Nahal Gevanim ("Colors Riverbed"), Nahal Eshboren, and the canyons of Barak and Vardit.

After descending into the mighty riverbed of Nahal Paran, the path enters the beautiful wide canyon of Nahal Zihor and climbs up again to Route 40 - this time near the Zihor Junction.

Hiking the Israel Trail

The new portion of the trail has become very popular with the growing number of hikers who are setting out to hike the Israel Trail from north to south. At every given moment, there are upward of 100 groups of hikers (from individual hikers to groups of 10 people) walking along the trail. It takes an average of 45 days to hike the entire trail.

Tomer Milo, for example, celebrated her Bat Mitzvah by hiking the trail together with her father Udi. They divided the hike into two portions - they hiked from Modi'in to Eilat in the cooler months and from Dan to Modi'in in the warmer months. Tomer celebrated her Bar Mitzvah at Neot Kedumin at the end of the second portion of her hike, after 53 days of hiking.

Zvika, Ohad and Maayan, all aged 23, hiked the 940 km. trail in 41 days. The started from Eilat in April, stopped during the Sabbath in the villages along the way, and finished at Kibbutz Dan.

According to statistics, only 4 out of every 10 hikers manage to complete the entire trail.


Maps of the trail unfortunately are available in Hebrew only. If you are interested in hiking the Israel trail, contact ERETZ VATEVA - the Hebrew edition of ERETZ Magazine - and we will be happy to supply information and help.

Contact:  Yaakov Shkolnik, editor of ERETZ VATEVA and an expert on the Israel Trail, at



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