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James Barclay: Adventurer, Missionary or Madman

James Turner Barclay, who discovered Barclay’s Gate and Zedekiah’s Cave while serving as the first missionary to the Holy Land of the Disciples of Christ, was a man of many talents who dabbled in numerous fields. The first part of the new ERETZ series on Americans in the Holy Land.

Mordechai's Famous Song

The most famous Hannuka song probably is the poem sung immediately after the lighting of the candles: Maoz Tzur.
Most scholars accept the theory that its author is Rabbi Mordechai Ben Hillel of thirteenth century Nuremberg and that his writing was influenced by the persecution of Jews during the Crusades.

ERETZ 106, December 2006

Jerusalem’s Glory Days

The famous model at the Holyland Hotel depicts Jerusalem in the Second Temple period, one of the most fascinating and vibrant chapters in the city’s history. The model has found a new home at the Israel Museum, right next to the Dead Sea Scrolls, which were written in the same period.

Miriam Simon, ERETZ 105, September-October 2006

Redefining Zoos

A zoo is much more than a place of entertainment – that is, if the Israeli Zoo Association has anything to do with it.

Heidi J. Gleit, ERETZ 105, September-October 2006

Oasis in the City

The Zoological Center of Tel Aviv-Ramat Gan (Safari) has recreated an African savannah in the most densely populated part of Israel.

Heidi J. Gleit, ERETZ 105, September-October 2006

The Brilliance of Mt. Meron

Countless holy people have found shelter in the hills of Mt. Meron. The graves of the righteous dot the refreshing green landscape. A route for experienced hikers leads from the grave of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai to the Elkosh Bridge by Hurfeish.

Ya'acov Shkolnik, ERETZ 105, September-October 2006

Summer with the Kids

OK, so you want to spend quality time with the kids this summer. Whether you live in Israel or are coming for a visit with the family, summer with the kids in Israel involves lots of swimming, outings, and festivals.
The ERETZ staff has collected a few suggestions for fun things to do with the kids in Israel this summer.

Yael Kalev and Yadin Roman, ERETZ 104, June-July 2006

High Achievers

Immigrants from Ethiopia, like Yarden Fanta Vagenshtein, Baruch Dagan, and Abaynesh Tessema, have overcome tremendous obstacles to successfully integrate into Israeli society. The Ministry of Immigrant Absorption and the Jewish Agency for Israel launched a campaign to make the public aware of the Israeli-Ethiopian community’s ability and desire to contribute to building Israel into a flourishing, modern state.

Heidi J. Gleit, ERETZ 103, April-May 2006

The Third Ear

The Third Ear provides Israelis with a place to hear and see the many different genres of music and film that aren’t found in mainstream culture.

Heidi J. Gleit, ERETZ 103, April-May 2006

The Scenic View from Nofit

Located on the western edge of the Lower Galilee, on top of a hill that rises to some 150 meters above sea level, the community of Nofit has a marvelous view of the riverbed of Nahal Tzipori, the Galilee, and the Acre Valley to the south. A few Nofit residents recently rolled up their sleeves and turned the service path that encircles the community into a hiking trail.

ERETZ Staff, ERETZ 103, April-May 2006

Ancient Influences

While in Egypt, the Israelites picked up a few practices from their neighbors. A tour of the Egyptian galleries at the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem reveals that some Jewish traditions actually have their roots in ancient Egypt.

Heidi J. Gleit, ERETZ 103, April-May 2006

The Evangelical Triangle

Though Christianity developed along the shores of the Sea of Galilee, this area has not attracted nearly as many Christian pilgrims as one would expect for a variety of reasons. This may change soon thanks to the plans to create a Christian heritage park that will help the public understand what was happening in the Galilee in the first century.

Yadin Roman, ERETZ 103, April-May 2006

Special Supplement: How to Have an Israeli Bar and Bat Mitzvah

ERETZ presents a special supplement with tips on how and where to plan a meaningful bar or bat mitzvah, along with some intriguing background information and recommendations.

Heidi J. Gleit, ERETZ 102, January-February 2006

Secondhand Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a dynamic mix of old and new. One of the places this is most evident is in its many secondhand shops, where the young and trendy search for treasures from the past.

Maya Roman, ERETZ 102, January-February 2006

Bar Mitzvah on the Golan Heights

Keshet Yonatan offers a full-day program for families that would like to celebrate a bar or bat mitzvah in the Golan Heights. The program culminates with an authentic and kosher Talmudic banquet in the ancient village of Katzrin.

ERETZ Staff, ERETZ 102, January-February 2006

The Best Bar or Bat Mitzvah Ceremony and Celebration Options

From a traditional ceremony at an archaeological site to a unique experience in the heart of nature, Israel offers plenty of options for an unforgettable bar or bat mitzvah. The ERETZ Staff has scouted out a number of them.

ERETZ Staff, ERETZ 102, January-February 2006

The Wandering Market of Ramle

In Umayyad times, Ramle was built to be the capital of Palestine. The edifices that adorned it can still be seen today – and there are two fun markets to browse in.

Yadin Roman, ERETZ 101, November-December 2005

Getting Past the Black Holes of Memory

The most prominent force in the founding of Budapest was the Jews who lived there. They helped create the intellectual, economic, and cultural energy behind what was once one of the most vibrant cities of Europe. This, of course, did not prevent Hungarian collaboration with the Nazis in carting off the Jewish population to the death camps - even as the Red Army stood at the doors of Budapest. A Jewish story.
Yadin Roman, ERETZ 101, November-December 2005

Susita Gallops into Sight

Perched on a mountaintop, Susita-Hippos, the city called horse, has been referred to as the most impressive classical city in the Eastern Mediterranean. Yadin Roman explored the city with Professor Arthur Segal and wondered if Hippos is the "city on a hill that cannot be hidden" mentioned in the Sermon on the Mount.
Yadin Roman, ERETZ 100, September-October 2005

The What and Where of the Gaza Strip

History of Jewish settlement in the Gaza Strip - accompanied by a history of each of the 21 Israeli settlements in the Strip about to be evacuated, and a large scale detailed map.
Yadin Roman, ERETZ 99, July-August 2005

Tel Shimron

Question: What is the connection between Tel Shimron, Britain, Holland, and outer space? Answer: Orde Wingate, Moshe Dayan, and Ilan Ramon.

Yossi Buchman, ERETZ 97, February-March 2005

Operation Abraham

An exclusive report on a delicate mission: the replacement of the fabric covering over Abraham's tombstone, in the Machpela Cave.


Ya'acov Shkolnik, ERETZ 97, February-March 2005

The Camel and the Hanukka Lamp

Yadin Roman, ERETZ 96, November-December 2004

The Language of Light

Light (or) seems to penetrate every corner of the Hebrew language, showing up in phrases that describe both the spiritual (or ganuz) and the mundane (motzi la'or).

Yadin Roman, ERETZ 96, November-December 2004

Let There be Light

How did Hanukka become one of the most beloved Jewish holidays? How do you light a Hanukka lamp? And what happens when a camel accidentally knocks over a Hanukka lamp? ERETZ Magazine sheds light on the obscure roots of modern holiday traditions.

In ancient times, candles and oil lamps weren't used just for decoration or to make the room smell better. For thousands of years, oil lamps were the main source of light throughout the Land of Israel. Oil lamps' forms and decoration reflect the customs and aspirations of the diverse societies dwelling in the Land of Israel.

ERETZ Staff, ERETZ 96, November-December 2004

The Third Line of Defense

Hidden passageways like those common in the Judean lowlands are slowly being discovered in the Galilee.  Some may have been part of the preparations for the Great Revolt of the Jews against the Romans.

Yinon Shivtiel, ERETZ 93, April-May 2004

Not Quite Zurich

Sakhnin is a city in a setting that looks like Switzerland, but is a far cry from any scenic city on can imagine.  In some ways, though, the people of this Israeli-Arab town are beginning to regain their home court advantage.

Galit Hoffman, ERETZ 93, April-May 2004

Seder for a New Social Order

The Passover Seder became the main celebration of the new society forged by the founders of kibbutzim in the Land of Israel - but with various modifications, including new versions of the Haggadah.

Yadin Roman, ERETZ 93, April-May 2004

The Forgotten Jews of Cyprus

Boarding the flight to Ercan, in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, is not easy. It leaves Tel Aviv’s Ben-Gurion Airport from “Terminal 2” – which is actually the revamped domestic flight terminal. The terminal’s entrance doors are locked, and once you find your way in and complete the check-in process, a bus escorts you back to the main terminal.


Yadin Roman, ERETZ 77, July-August 2001

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