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ERETZ 120 - June-July 2009
In the Jewish tradition, 120 is not a number to be taken lightly. Its authority is primordial, stemming from the ancient Sumerian and Babylonian sexagesimal numbering system based on the number 60. Even though the world has moved by and large to the decimal system, the Sumerian system still survives in time keeping and spatial divisions.
On reaching or 120th issue, it is time to get back to our basic instincts and do some deep soul searching. We would like to know how we are doing. Not as a marketing survey, but what you, our reader think. So please drop us a line by email or in an old-fashioned letter.

Gold Coins Jerusalem
ERETZ Magazine is published six times a year. The magazine is printed in Israel and airmailed to subscribers in 64 countries around the world.


From the Threshing Floor of Merhavia
Nadav Mann finds, scans, and documents photo albums from the early years of immigration to and settlement in the Land of
Israel. His hobby has turned into a mission to prevent these valuable images from being lost forever.

Underground Rebellion
The hiding complexes in the Judean Shephelah shed light on Bar Kokhba's cave-and-tunnel battle strategy and other aspects of the elusive second-century revolt against Rome, a revolt that was one of the most disastrous events in the history of the Jewish people.

Hurva Synagogue Poised to Reopen its Doors
It is said that the Messiah will arrive the third time that Jerusalem's Hurva Synagogue is built. After decades of debate, the reconstruction of this phoenix-like synagogue that once served as the heart of the Jewish Quarter in the Old City is almost complete. The ornate building already has reclaimed its dominant place in the Old City's landscape.

World Champion White Schnauzers
A small kennel at Kishorit in the Galilee has gained a huge reputation for breeding miniature white schnauzers that are winning competitions around the globe.

Lod's Magnificent Mosaic
One of the most impressive Roman mosaics ever found in Israel is being preserved and turned into a tourism site. The mosaic, which was first discovered 13 years ago during a routine salvage excavation, was covered up afterwards due to lack of funding to preserve it.


Summer in Jerusalem
So you’re in Jerusalem. The tour guide has dropped you off for the day – but you’re not done yet. You feel that you want a little more, you want to see the real heart of the city, the places that the tour bus never reaches. So here are a few suggestions for after-tour strolls around your hotel. The best time to start is around 6 p.m. – the heat has abated, a cool breeze is beginning to blow in from the coastal plain, and the stone houses are slowly turning from blazing yellow to dark gold. This is the time for your around-the-hotel stroll.

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May You Live to be 120
The occasion of the 120th issue of ERETZ Magazine is a good excuse to get to the bottom of the Hebrew and Yiddish expression, “May you live to be 120,” which has been and still is used as a customary blessing for birthdays. As ERETZ has reached its 120th issue, I have to add for the protocol that when someone gets to be over 100, the customary blessing is “May you live another 120.”

Laughing in Jerusalem
“Caricatures in Jerusalem,” a new exhibit at the Tower of David Museum in the Old City of Jerusalem shows how political cartoonists in Israel have related to Jerusalem over the past seven decades.
The most striking aspect is how relevant many of the cartoons seem. “The exhibit shows that most of the problems that plagued the city in the 1940s are still there,” curator Eran Litvin said.


Shekulo Tov
The dictionary defines rehabilitation as the return of someone or something to a good or healthy condition, state, or way of living. In the world of mental health, that is a hard promise to keep. That, however, doesn’t mean that there is not much that can be done to provide a person with the opportunity to become a productive member of society. An enterprise with the somewhat utopian name of Shekulo Tov (Hebrew for Everything’s OK) has set out to do exactly that.

People of Jerusalem
Slava Pekarsky immigrated to Israel from the Ukraine in 1990 and has been exploring it ever since. His camera allows him to preserve and share some of the unique scenes that he witnesses in Jerusalem.

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