Tel Aviv 2018

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Tel Aviv, the urban heart of Israel, is a city that is constantly redefining itself. From its meager beginnings in the first decade of the 20th century, to the mushroom unprecedented growth in the 1920s it has always been the Hebrew City – defining what it means to be an Israeli, in its explosive culture, its tolerance and acceptance of a myriad of people, and its ever evolving development.

Publication date: December 2018.
Includes separate  Guide to Tel Aviv
Includes mailing from Israel

Tel Aviv is where Israeli society expresses itself, from street art to high-rise architecture, from a booming underground culture to food, music and dance that have become world famous.

ERETZ’ Tel Aviv issue will portray the Tel Aviv culture in vivid and original articles and photos, written and produced through the eyes of the city’s youthful generation – the new generation of Israelis  grappling with the question of what Israel is and aspires to be and what it means to be an Israeli, Zionist, and Jew today.

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