ERETZ Magazine Three Year Subscription


NIS935 / US$226
Israeli orders will be charged in NIS all other countries in US$.
18 bi-monthly issued, mailed directly from Israel

The award-winning magazine focuses on the heritage, geography, history, and culture of the Land of Israel and the Jewish People. Written by the best experts on Israel lore, the magazine brings the Land of Israel to your doorstep six times a year.
ERETZ Magazine was founded 32 years ago as a vehicle to portray the history and heritage of the Land of Israel and the Jewish People. From a small quarterly it has developed into Israel’s foremost geographic magazine with readers in 64 countries around the world.
ERETZ Magazine comes out six times a year, and is written, published and printed in Israel. Together with its Hebrew sister magazine, ERETZ VATEVA, it is Israel’s most important and respected vehicle for expanding knowledge of the land of Israel to the layman as well as to guides, teachers and professionals in the field.