ERETZ Guide to Jerusalem


Jerusalem, with 5,000 years of history, is an ever-changing city. It is the center of a lively archaeological and historical debate, a multicultural home to different peoples, religions, ancient cultures, and the most modern influences. Jerusalem has a pop music scene that is beginning to be heard around the world, a unique culinary world, and a plethora of new ideas emanating from its many schools and universities.
Jerusalem is a complicated city to decipher, and a good guide to the city can make the difference between a visit and a great experience. The ERETZ Guide to Jerusalem does just that. Written by Yadin Roman and the experts of ERETZ Magazine, it is the ultimate resource for both the visitor and the armchair traveler.The first edition is shipping now.


Size: 13 X 20 cms
Soft cover
352 pages
full color including maps
Airmail delivery from Israel.