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0 The Numbers Game

Every year, the day after the Passover Seder, the traditional exodus of the people of Israel begins. Hundreds of thousands take to the skies for a trip abroad, thousands more picnic in nature reserves, parks and forests. The reason is clear, Israel is on holiday. Government and public offices close…

0 Passover Plagues

The days before Passover is the time that Israelis send each other the traditional “Hag Sameach”, Happy Holiday, greeting. Religious Jews will add “and kosher” to their greeting, and artistic types will wax eloquently about spring, renewal, new beginnings and freedom.

0 Crazy Storks

Driving north yesterday I saw my first flock of storks for the season. A little early for spring I thought to myself, but early and late in relation to seasons in the last decade or so, are terms in flux. The storks were acting a little crazy – whirling around…

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