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0 Going Boutique

The avalanche of individual travelers has ignited a new trend in the Tel Aviv hotel scene: small hotels, some with only 20 guest rooms, that provide personalized service to each client.

0 Current Affairs

Every Independence Day Israel’s central bureau of statistics publishes the current facts and figures for Israeli – on a positive way of course. We don’t hear about how many Israeli’s are under the poverty line, how many cannot afford an apartment – rent or buy, or how congested the roads…

0 What’s in a Jewish Name?

Explaining Jewish surnames has been a hot topic for quite some time; the last few years alone have seen a bevy of new articles, blogs, and databases where anyone can find all sorts of info on his or her family’s name. However, the history of Jewish last names actually is…

0 Messiah :Lost in translation

by Galit Dayan Tov-el Yet another wave of violence has reared its ugly head in Israel. I watch the news from my home in Jerusalem, horrified by pictures of a 13-year old child stabbing another child, secure in his belief that this act of violence will bring him closer to heaven. I follow…

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