Autumn Bloom


Autumn is here, as indicated by the shorter days and the day and a half of rain during the festival of Sukkot. The autumn flowers, those lovely geophytes that suddenly burst out of the earth – flowers with no leaves (these come later) – are in full swing. The fall flowering season reaches its height in November. Here are a few suggestions for the best places to enjoy it.

Tel Hazeka on the Golan Heights is in full bloom, with a myriad of beautiful Colchicums coloring the trail from Tel Hazeka to Kibbutz Allonei Habashan.

The bright white Desert Pancratium is in full bloom at the entrance to Mamshit National Park. Paul Friedrich August Ascherson and Georg Augusts Schweinfurth discovered it in 1882 in Egypt. Its sister, the Maritime Pancratium, also known as the sea daffodil, is flourishing along the seashore dunes from Ashkelon to Haifa.

Finally, the beautiful Sternbergia, with its large yellow flowers, has begun to appear along the summit trail of Mount Meron. In the next three weeks, Strenbergias will appear everywhere, climaxing in the middle of November with the huge, 250,000 flower field near Herodium in the Judean Desert.

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