Kibbutz Ein Harod Ichud Country Lodging


Kibbutz Ein Harod provides unique kibbutz hospitality experience.
The site offers 3 lodging options:
Country Lodging  Rooms with cable TV, coffee kit, air conditioning, BBQ corner and wide green lawns.
“Ofek Ha’Gilboa”- Beautiful wooden Chalets with a nice gallery floor, living room, cable TV, jacuzzi, equipped kitchen and a coffee kit.
“Iris Suites” (for couples only) – Luxurious suites of stone & wood, with large jacuzzi equipped and decorated to offer a high level of comfort and pampering.
Kibbutz Ein Harod is located in the Harod Valley near Mount Gilboa. the kibbutz offers an Olympic-sized outdoor pool, stables, and a dairy farm.  In Ein Harod Ichud you can visit the Beit Shturman archeological center. The kibbutz coffee shop serves light refreshments through the day.

Kibbutz Hotels Chain reservation center:
972-(0)3- 5608118

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