Grand Finale at Eilat


Timna Park – Eilat

Segment length: 35 km
Starting point: Timna Park
Ending point: Eilat
Services on route: None
Average riding time:
6 hours
Water: 5 liters per person
Level: Moderate

The final segment of the IBT extends from Timna to Eilat. The route runs along the foot of the Syrian-African Rift, offering unique views of the granite mountains of the Eilat massif. As it nears its end, the IBT ascends to Mount Shahmon to take in the view of Eilat and the gulf before the concluding downhill ride to the shores of the Gulf of Eilat.

The IBT goes south from Timna Park to Nahal Raham and Be’er Ora. From there, it continues south along the route of the oil pipeline to the Amram Pillars. Then the trail turns south to the black Shehoret canyon, crosses the Nahal Roded Riverbed, and ascends the last grueling climb to the summit of Mount Shahmon overlooking Eilat. From the summit, the IBT runs along the Shahmon Riverbed to the beach in Eilat.

  • Amram Pillars: Five impressive pillars are surrounded by copper mining tunnels and shafts from the Roman period.
  • Shehoret Canyon: At the bottom of Nahal Shehoret, the river enters a ridge of dark granite rocks and creates a narrow canyon that is one kilometer long and replete with small waterfalls and potholes that fill with water in winter.
  • Mount Shahmon: This impressive granite bloc rises above the granite mountains of Eilat. Its summit offers a view of Israel, Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.

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