Cochin Jewry Heritage Center


The center presents the story of the Jewish community of Cochin, one of the oldest and smallest Jewish communities in the world. Before the community made aliyah in the 1950s, it only had some 2,800 members. According to tradition, Jews reached the Malabar Coast during the days of king Solomon, some 3,000 years ago. They came as merchants and settled there.
The Cochin Jewry Heritage Center offers visitors the opportunity to learn about an exotic Jewish tradition, becoming acquainted with the Cochin community’s rich heritage through a film about the community and its leaders, a tour of the museum and its displays of original objects, and a visit to the special synagogue of Moshav Nevatim. Length of visit: 50-70 minutes. Entrance fee: NIS 15 for adults; NIS 14 for pensioners, students, and children.
A coffee corner (NIS 5 per cup) can be set up if requested in advance.

Sunday-Thursday: 9:30 a.m.-3 p.m.; Friday: By appointment for groups only for NIS 20 per person
Moshav Nevatim, D.N. Negev 85540
On the Beersheba-Dimona Highway (Route 25), seven kilometers southeast of Beersheba
(08) 623-8299 (Mira)
Fax.: 153-8-623-8299, (08) 623-7575


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