• City Museum
    This museum contains eight exhibit halls, chronicling the history of the city from medieval times, through Ottoman rule and the period of the British Mandate, to this day.
    112 Herzl, Ramle | (08 ) 929-2650
  • British Military Cemetery
    The largest of the British military cemeteries in Israel, where slodiers who fell in World War I are buried.
    Dokhipat corner of Hatikva St., Ramle | (08) 922-1220
  • World Karaite Center
    The central synagogue of this community.
    Klausner St,m Ramle | (08) 924-9104 By prior arrangement
  • Arches Pool
    An underground cistern built in 789 by the caliph Haroun al Rashid. A boat service takes visitors’ into the inner recesses of this huge cistern.
    Trumpeldor corner of Hahagana St., Ramle | (08) 921-6873
  • Joseph of Aramathea Franciscan Church and Monastery
    Built in the 14ht century and famous for the various pilgrims who visited the monastery to view its original painting by Titian depicting Jesus being taken off the cross.
    Bialik St., Ramle | (08) 912-7200
  • White Mosque
    8th century mosque with a unique square tower built in 1318 by order of Saladin.
    Danny Mas St., Ramle  | (08) 921-6873
  • The Great Mosque
    The mosque is located in a Crusader church from the 12th century. The building has survived intact and it is one of the few intact Crusader buildings in the country.
    Shlomo Hamelech Street, Ramle | (08) 922-5081
  • Saint George Monastery
    Founded in the 12th century, the Greek-Orthodox compound. includes  a 19th century church dedicated to St. George (Georgias), who according to tradition was born in nearby Lydda, and protected his town from a dragon. George and the dragon are depicted on the lintel of the church entrance.
    Kehilat Detroit Street, Ramle | (08) 922-1220

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