Memoirs of a Passionate Land


“Those who undertake to write histories, do not, I perceive, take that trouble on one and the same account, but for many reasons… some of them apply themselves to this part of learning to shew their skills in composition… but others there are who, of necessity and by force, are driven to write history, because they are concerned in the facts, and cannot excuse themselves from committing them to writing, for the advantage of posterity.”

Josephus Flavius

Antiquities of the Jews, First Century


Understanding the past is not an easy task. Even events of a few years ago, or even a few months ago, that were recorded with the most sophisticated digital gadgetry still raise questions as to what exactly occurred. Trying to figure out what happened thousands of years ago, when records were sparse and cultures different, is an even more challenging task. Concepts and perceptions of history are constantly changing: in the last decade, new knowledge of prehistory added two million years to human existence while recent research has changed the thinking on the Kingdom of David and Solomon, the Exodus from Egypt and conquest of Israel.

This book by Yadin Roman, editor in chief of ERETZ Magazine,  is not a history book. Its purpose is to join the historical record with some of the sites where this history can be discovered. It is an attempt to walk where the memories of past events have been sketched into the fabric of this land of many passions.

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